AFTER-GYM luxe kit

There's a good chance you've never heard of an After-Gym or Sports Spa kit, and now you're wondering why it took so long to arrive!  Whether you're a hardcore athlete, or a footy (or cricket) mum, we hope you will stop by our store and try one of our revitalising kits.

Our After-Gym Luxe packages are specially curated for a home spa experience using nothing but nature's best ingredients and cruelty-free, safe synthetics.  Every After-Gym survival kit is packed with luxurious products that will relax sore muscles, rejuvenate and nourish you after a hard workout or play.  What's more, the essential & fragrance oils in our products will leave you looking and smelling great!

 Simply choose your Luxe Kit and head to checkout! 

On the first day of each month, all Luxe Kits are re-jigged.  A new salubrious surprise added, something old replaced, a few favourites may return.  But the adventure will never be the same!

The Luxe Kit is not a monthly subscription box.  We do not Auto-Bill.

If you don't prefer the curated combination for any month, just use the shopping cart and grab your favourite item through our online store on the top menu.

All Mismacs kits are Zero Waste products & packaging.

 AFTER-GYM Luxe Kits for October