OUR STORY | Mismacs

Our story begins with our ethos:

"Buy Ethical, Live Ethical"

Today, none of us need reminding of the large and complex issues caused by unethical practices in Beauty and Personal care industry. We only need to look around us, in our homes, on the streets and at what, once used to be pristine landscapes, to realise how widespread and long-lasting their damaging impacts are to our health, the wellbeing of our families', our communities and this planet.

Here at Mismacs, we believe the solutions are surprisingly simple.

Not only are they simple, they look beautiful and smell awesome too.  They are handcrafted with carefully chosen natural ingredients and safe cruelty-free synthetics.  They arrive at your doorstep wrapped in elegant packaging that won't pollute our land and oceans for hundreds of years after their use.  By collaborating directly with suppliers, artisan producers and small businesses we source bath and beauty products that are luxurious, safe and eco-friendly.  We take care to reduce the environmental impact by reducing packaging and using biodegradable or recycled packaging, where possible.


Our products are proudly handcrafted in Australia and support:

  • Cruelty-Free Ingredients

  • Zero Tolerance for Animal Testing

  • Sustainable Palm-Oil 

  • No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)  or Sodium Coco Sulfate (SCS)

  • No Parabens

  • No Petrochemicals

This is the story of Mismacs in a nutshell - a small business committed to a big change for a better tomorrow.



 Each Mismacs product can trace it's origin to a locally sourced Australian ingredient in 2 easy steps.  We source directly from artisan soap makers, who in turn source their raw ingredients from Australian farmers, growers or small Australian businesses.

Whether it is our farm-fresh raw milk soaps, our vegan soaps packed with organic almond milk or olive oil from Australian groves, or our clay-enriched products, they are all trend-setters in the latest sustainability movement:


This ensures our end customers are fully guaranteed of a product that is made with quality ingredients, is environment-friendly and connects our customers (and their dollar) straight back to the local farmers and small business owners. 

We are all, but cogs in this wonderful circle of the Australian agri-economy. 

Care for Fair Work

Our fabulous artisan suppliers handcraft all bath & beauty products right here in Australia.  This means every Mismacs product you will ever touch has been produced under fair work practices by quality, legally-aged, local labour, with guaranteed minimum wage and working standards.  Mismacs products proudly wear the Australian badge of origin.  They meet strict regulations and quality assurance standards so Mismacs customers have one less thing to worry about when buying Ethical Luxe for their family and home.

Handcrafted in : Knoxfield, Victoria

Locally sourced Ingredient : Farm fresh Camel's Milk

Region : Campaspe Camel's Milk from Nanneela town near Rochester in Victoria.

Sprinkles Please Cupcake goat's milk soap

Handcrafted in : North Nowra, NSW

Locally sourced Ingredient : Farm fresh Goat's Milk

Region : Shoalhaven, NSW

Salted Caramel Delight goat's milk scrub bar

Handcrafted in : Cairns, QLD

Locally sourced Ingredient : Farm fresh Goat's Milk

Region : Kuranda, QLD

Few examples of our locally sourced soaps

Mocha Muse almond milk scrub bar

Handcrafted in : Cairns, QLD

Locally sourced Ingredient : Organic Almond milk

Region : Taren Point, NSW

Caravan camel's milk soap

Milk Soaps

Vegan Soaps

Chocolat body soap

Handcrafted in : Warrandyte South, VIC

Locally sourced Ingredient : Virgin cold-pressed Olive Oil

Region : Local farms in VIC

Cleopatra goat's milk soap

Handcrafted in : Onsite, at the farm

Locally sourced Ingredient : Farm fresh Goat's Milk

Region : Cohuna, Victoria.

Extra Virgin Olive shampoo bar

Handcrafted in : Knoxfield, VIC

Locally sourced Ingredient : Olive Oil

Region : Olive groves in VIC and SA

Apricot Pink Clay face cleansing bar

Handcrafted in : Cairns, QLD

Locally sourced Ingredient : Olive Oil

Region : Bella Vista, NSW

Locally sourced Ingredient : Clay

Region : Welshpool, WA

Must-Have Extras

Fire & Ice Wheat Bag

Handcrafted in : Lonsdale, SA

Locally sourced Ingredient : Locally grown wheat

Region : SA




It is estimated that by 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish.  The time to seriously consider our plastic use in everyday, single-use products is upon us now.

Here, at Mismacs, our products are designed to be fully used up at the end of life or are made of compostable plant material, such as the Konjac sponges which can be planted in a potted plant for total disintegration into the soil. 

Our packaging is either fully Compostable or is  Biodegradable within 6-18 months in industrial waste facilities.  Compare this to a single-use plastic container for a body wash or liquid shampoo that will sit around this planet for nearly 500 years from it's last use!

Examples of our packaging materials are:

  • Biodegradable Kraft paper boxes

  • Biodegradable Cellophane bags made from 100% plant-based cellulose

  • Degradable Oxo-B Eco Bubble Wrap

Our glass and wooden containers are 100% reusable or refillable.

So let's stop the plastic invasion and make our homes a little more greener with each use.




 Let's get this straight: Animals belong in their natural habitat, not in laboratories around the world! And most certainly not as victims to our vain age-defying beauty fixation.  It beggars belief that it is acceptable to lab test cosmetic and beauty applications on animals.

At Mismacs, our suppliers strongly support the ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING.

We will never support, nor need "to examine the carcinogenic effects of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) done on beagle dogs" or other animals.  Whether SLS is carcinogenic or not, is a secondary point, when animals are subject to testing synthetic detergents like SLS and Sodium Coco Sulphate (SCS).  All just so we can enjoy extra bubbles in our bath!

Many companies explicitly specify their products to be SLS-free while replacing it with SCS, which is yet another synthetic surfactant.  It is added to bath products to imitate the cleansing and lathering properties of natural soap.  There is really no need for naturally made bath products and natural cleansers to include synthetic detergents and skin irritants like SLS, SLES or SCS.

Saponified Kitchen Staples

All our products are made from 100% natural ingredients and cruelty-free, skin-safe synthetics  -  used for fragrance  - never as detergents (for example: synthetic, skin-safe musk). 

  • Our products only support Sustainable use of Palm-oil.  Some of our products contain zero palm-oil based on our supplier's preference. This is duly listed in our ingredients list for each product.

  • Our products contain No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) or Sodium Coco Sulphate (SCS), No Parabens and No Petrochemicals.

It is our belief that coverage makeup or artificial, chemical ridden beauty treatments cannot result in healthy skin and hair.  Most of our soaps are made from everyday kitchen staples converted to soap.  We let nature do what it does best: Cleanse away impurities, hydrate, moisturise and give the body time to heal.  Give your beauty regime a natural boost from the inside out.  With regular use, your hair and skin will heal itself from sun damage and exposure to pollution, and will revive its natural shine  - just as nature intended it to be!

Ultimately, what's good for the environment, is also good for our body!